Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Due to lack of blogging the past few weeks I will briefly summarize events.

Firstly, I sold my Black Stalleone. His carbs are definitely bad, but I am positive the motorcycle tech students that bought him will take care of his problems and enjoy the ride. I also met a girl working at walmart. I convinced her to buy a printer and she convinced me to give her my number. She is honest, a rich supply of great memories, and fun to be around. My co-workers are easy to talk to and have some similar interests to mine. Encouraged by boredom and memories of past experiences I am writing a series of 'post it poems'. Basically short 8 line poetry about a single object, dream, place. Got a library card so have been reading a good amount while on breaks at work. Also have been working out each morning I can (taking a little break at the moment due to fever.) Riding to work each day also helps me keep in good shape.

Now to the present...
Last week I attempted to get a loan for a new motorcycle, but because I have only been at my job for a month it is proving a challenge. I learned from a banker that each time your credit score is pulled up, a few points are knocked off, so my decision is to wait til I have enough saved up to pay in full. I cannot see a way how, but hopefully by late February, so that I can go to bike week in Daytona Beach (March 4th-13th.) The last couple days fever has got me down. Sleep has been difficult even though I spent most of my time in bed. Yesterday I finally got some, but am still tired. The fever and headache are now mostly gone, just a sore throat and tons of flem remain. Hopefully by Thursday at the latest I will be back to 100%.

Needing a good night's sleep,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ghost town Gainesville and westward dreams

Christmas here in Gainesville was a perfect ghost town. Not a single person in sight as I walked with my room mate's dog to the field for fetch. When I was younger, I would talk about an island where I would be the only one on it. My mother and good friend Bryan may remember. Anyways, Gainesville on Christmas day was like that imaginary island. I played fetch for a while and ran a couple laps with the dog(Jupiter) following me all the way. After dropping off Jupiter at the apartment I went to Winn-Dixie and got my Christmas Dinner.
  • Fudge 2x
  • Fish
  • Turkey drumsticks
  • Mac n Cheese
Work has been going much better then before. The learning process is more organized and smooth. The co-workers and friendly and willing to help. 

Financially I will be doing well as of mid January. Breaking even point will be my first paycheck.

My Black Stalleone has major carb problems and leaked half a tank of gas while turned off, then went into hydro-lock. I am in the process of selling and looking for a new bike. I have been looking at honda shadow bobbers, possibly turning it into more like a chopper.

Lastly, I want to live in the country. City life does not suit me. I will just have to strive for that on my journey.