Sunday, December 19, 2010


Lowrider is a song by War and talk-boxed by Fingazz that makes you feel outrageously cool when riding in an El Camino on a summer day with the windows down. It is styled for Chicano's that drive in old cars with big rims, slick tires, hydraulics, loud and heavy audio equipment, and fresh paint. Chrome is also a biggie. You "don't drive too fast" because of your massive coolness. Even though my El Camino did not have much of that, I still identify with the song as a cherished memory. Other songs that go well are Chromeo's Tenderoni and Bonafied Lovin.

Lowrider talk-boxed by Fingazz is my song to represent 'making it big'.

No, unfortunately I have not made it big yet. However, rays of hope are shining though the cracks in my life. Financially, there is light at the end of a month long tunnel. Socially, taking baby steps...still. Physically, getting a lot of exercise. In sports and hobbies interests, much I would like to accomplish. 


Long drive in the El Camino.
Stay up all night playing Kingdom Hearts with a good friend.
The secret recipe for chocolate solami.
Maymont with a good friend.
To build a snowman with someone I have not seen in a while.
Fire in my fire pit with my good friends. Meat aplently, slingshots, and soda, just once having room in my stomach for smores.
Go to DC Zoo with a friend, riding in the El Camino.
Discussing plans to travel and bicycling along the coast with a good friend.
Random trip to beach at midnight.
Design Christmas cards for family.
Final Fantasy 8 with brother.

At Wal-mart I am riding the 40hr/wk Christmas rush at the moment. That and the rebirth of my Ebay business will pay my rent for January. I am still looking for a place I can do some learning on motorcycles in my spare time. Recently I have become obsessed with bobber motorcycles and really want to make my own. Fat 240 in the back, a matte black paint job, shiny black wheels, simple straight handlebar, short straight pipes, and I can deal with a 600cc or 750cc.

Enjoying 70 degree weather,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

College-town life...

Some positive news:
  • Hired at Walmart, doing sales/stocking in the electronics department
  • I am now pretty familiar with city and how streets work
  • I sleep/eat/exercise well.
  • I am learning much and my interests are growing
  • I have clear goals that I am working to achieve
Some negative news:
  • The job at Ruby Tuesdays did not work out but I did everything right
  • I miss many aspects of my home in Virginia and the people there, but I am grateful for the experiences of now and those are to come
  • The city does not satisfy, I want to be in or close to the open space of the country and a smaller town

Also, I am now settling down to a semi daily routine:

7:00 - Wake up and read motorcycle magazine
7:30 - Eat a 1/2 PB & J 
8:00 - Check email/watch tv
9:00 - Shower/shave/brush teeth and get dressed
10:00 - Job search/interview, whatever needs to be done OR bicycle ride around campus and city/downtown and parking garages
2:00pm - Cook chicken and eat with salad
3:00 - Nap
5:00 - Eat mozzarella sticks + 1/2 PB & J
6:30 - Go play soccer at field
8:30 - Eat mozzarella sticks + computer stuff
9:00 - Watch tv OR read magazine BUT usually fall asleep

Anyways, things are going well. I really have much that I want to achieve, so I began writing down a to do list. It will probably never get done, but its enjoyable to have. Money is getting tight, but I got it covered. 

Goodnight from a place with warm weather,

Friday, December 3, 2010


Walking around campus this tuesday I stopped by the big soccer field as I saw a single person playing soccer. At the moment I cannot afford to buy soccer shoes, so I played in jeans and a pair of levi boat shoes (comparable in style to sperry's top sider, but thinner with cheaper material). My playing partner and I struck up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers so we could meet again and play. Yesterday, thursday, we met again and he introduced me to his friend. We arrived around 5:30 and darkness loomed all around us. At around 6:15 the lights came on and like a swat operation you would see on tv, people came from every corner of the darkness around the now illuminated field to play soccer. These intense college students warmed up. They passed and juggled the balls. They put their gear on. They got ready to play. They stood around chatting and freezing for 20 odd minutes (the last two days have been cold here in Florida)! This annoyed me. So just like I was at the YMCA gathering all the kids up to play, I gathered up all these students to play. Divided teams and began. The game was played with people randomly joining and leaving. Partial confusion that worked out. It was good. As my old coach would say I played like bambi, slipping and sliding whenever I tried to change direction. I enjoyed myself.

Happy I was, on my walk home despite being dirty, cold, and bruised. I finally have found something that really will lift my spirits, even when I do not know they are down.  After playing this beautiful game, my outlook becomes more positive. Instead of building mental barriers and defensive shields against people that I perceive as annoying or not worth my time, I open a door and step out of my comfort zone. Soccer really has not done this much before. Possibly because there was pressure to win or get a scholarship.  I never much tried for either of those. Maybe it is just because this time, there is more of a friendship involved. 

Finally, I currently am  developing a strategy to get a job at a motorcycle dealership. My gut is telling me the answer will be no,  but I am really keen on this one. I will not take no as an answer. Even if its just volunteer I want to be around motorcycles or cars. I want to learn. Perhaps if I can find something to bring to their table they will accept my request.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Finding my feet,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Second day job hunting

On my second day job hunting I traveled to the mall and surrounding shops. I got there around 9 and the shops opened at 10. Ready to charm employers and find a job I began my search, but it was fruitless. The walks from store to store became tiring as each place told me that they had just hired enough staff. I decided to leave it for today. The time was 2:00pm. Before I left I convinced myself to go and try to get a job at Ruby Tuesdays. Great idea. The manager greeted me after I had finished my application and we enjoyed a good chat about my trip and Arizona. He invited me to come back for an interview on Wednesday(he did not do this for the other applicants). At the current I feel pretty confident about this one and I hope I get the job. 

It really has been tough meeting people, but I think I found a way. I decided to head downtown to get some 25 cent wings, but was stopped on the way when I saw a field full of soccer games. I joined in with various juggling circles, but overall the students there were not as friendly or social as the soccer players in Virginia. However, I am determined to join in their games and make some friends. 

Afterwards I walked around campus...I realized then I have a bit of a problem. College kids. I have not quite worked out what it is about the majority of them that annoys me so. Regardless of what my problem with them is, if I want to make friends it will have to be with them. Also since I am living as their next door neighbor I better get used to having them around. Wish me luck in making friends.

Live is Life,

Friday, November 26, 2010

To do...

  1. Get tools for oil change
  2. Do oil change
  3. Call local YMCA's about openings
  4. Go to local mall and apply for jobs
  5. Finish online applications for Old Navy, Kohls, Publix, CVS, and Lowes
  6. Go to Carrabas, Hilton, Outback, and Bonefish Grill and apply for jobs
Today I started to experience some trouble with Black Stalleone. He overheated today and stranded me at a Publix. I went and got a burger and then he was good to go, but rode rough the way home.

Also here is a blog from Thanksgiving. 11/25

So... I kinda like it here. The city-campus is huge and different then most others I have seen. Yesterday I checked out the sports pub for the Champions League matches. Placed at the top of nearly every wall were flat screen tvs, each playing a different match. Despite having so many different games playing at once, there was only one other person watching the games. We conversed for the remainder of the game, his team ended up losing. My team won though! Tottenham are currently topping through group and have made it to the knockout stage. I love Spurs.

It is a tad disheartening I do not have a job yet. While I have only been applying/searching for two days and I am doing good on money, my desire to earn money to achieve my goals is becoming massively irrepressible. 

On a positive note I received an email back today from the director of a local soccer program and he stated he is very interested to meet me and asked for a CV. I completed a detailed one in a half hour and sent him. Now just need to wait on response. That is exciting.

Working hard,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip to Florida

The past day and a half I traveled close to 800 miles to Gainseville, Fl where I am now living in an apartment. Such a long distance on a motorcycle, especially a sports bike, was harder then imagined despite taking breaks every couple hours.  Discomfort in my back and neck was pushed to the back of my mind as I hit the open roads of South Carolina, Georgia, and part of Florida. The ability to suddenly and drastically increase my speed also enhanced the experience. Towards the end I started to experience problems with the bike, possibly overheating or just wearing it out. As for now, the tiredness is getting the very best of me. Long day of job hunting tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leaving home

My final day in Virginia... The next couple hours will be spent doing laundry and packing. My parents and I are having lunch and I will try to visit a few people before the day is over. Mad busy day ahead. The word goodbye has taken on a new meaning over the past month, especially since there are people I will not be able to see before I leave. Anyways, wish me luck Virginia.

See you in Florida,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Road Bumps

Right now I'm riding on a road full of is not the most comfortable ride, but if you forget about the discomfort then its 'Rad'. My father, brother, and I rode bikes on some dirt paths behind the houses when I was little. When we got home there would be bruises and scrapes from various obstacles, but to say  the word 'Rad' throughout the ride made it something to look forward to every week.

My Black Stalleone has some problems with the carb and battery system. I took him to the only Suzuki dealer in town and he told me it would be a $600 minimum, probably more, to fix the carb plus the $75 he was already charging me to simply take a look at the carb and battery. Funny thing about the dealership, I took it in there and it was rideable, but the next day it was a leaking fire hazard...I didn't really think them to my best option, so he is now at a smaller shop down the road. Wish them and me luck. I need to get to Florida quickly.

My last day at the Midlothian YMCA was today. All I have to say is I learned well and had some great leaders and friends to teach me. Many opportunities were given to me and I didn't always choose the best options, but with those experiences personal growth has occurred. As though I am Link in Zelda: The Orcarina of Time, I passed trials, I overcame obstacles, I defeated the boss. Now I open the treasure chest and hold up the sacred wisdom and vital asset of TAKING PRIDE IN ONE'S JOB. Those who played Nintendo 64 in the late 90's will understand that analogy.

Finally, goodbye is hard. There is no easy way around it. There is no preparation. It is not something that should be dragged out. It is not something you can run away from. It will not get easier with time. When the time comes, I believe its better to just stand up and face it. Do not wait.

With Hope,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pictures of Black Stalleone & El Camino

Black Stalleone & El Camino!/album.php?aid=32071&id=138984206152326


To buy:
  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Footprint for tent
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Thermals (turtleneck + long johns)
  5. Fleece
  6. Weatherproof Jacket
  7. Trimming shaver 
To sell/give away:
  1. Compaq Presario Laptop
  2. Asus Eeepc 900 Netbook
  3. JVC KDR6110 Car Radio
  4. Apple Ipod Nano 4GB 2nd generation
  5. Kylin Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  6. Irongym Extreme Pull-up bar
  7. Pentax K1000 manual camera
  8. (2) Levi Boat Shoes
  9. Asics Onitsuka Tiger Shoes
  10. New Balance 574 Shoes
  11. Clarks Desert Boots
  12. Adidas Samba Classic
  13. American Eagle Faux Fur Corduroy Coat
  14. Hummel Aston Villa Bench Coat
  15. (2) Levi & Zoo York Slim Straight Jeans
  16. Clemson University Hoody + (2) T-shirts
  17. American Eagle Slim Fit Sweater
  18. Old Navy V-neck Sweater
  19. Adidas Soccer Polo
  20. (4) Soccer Shorts
  21. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  22. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
  23. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
  24. On Writing by Stephen King
  25. Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  26. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
  27. My Autobiography by Kevin Keegan
  28. (4) Summer Shorts
  29. Gap Gray khaki Pants
  30. Urban Pipeline Brown khaki Pants
  31. (2) Black/Gray Slim Dress Pants
  32. Draft Lite Single Speed Track bicycle 
To Do:
  1. Take Black Stalleone to shop
  2. Do Taxes
  3. Do Online Driving Course
  4. Establish Bank of America Account
  5. Pay Credit Card off
  6. Clean out El Camino
  7. Clean out Room
  8. Fix Mirror on Black Stalleone

Finally, there has been a change of plans considering the inevitable winter ahead. Florida, somewhere around the area of Tampa will be my first destination. I plan to stay there for a few months before moving on.

Not long now,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To do list.

  1. Learn how to ride Black Stalleone better.
  2. Make money.
  3. Take care of taxes + drivers class.
  4. Get new bank acct + pay off debts.
  5. Buy a good bag + rain coat.
  6. Buy under armour shirt/leggings + long sleeve shirts.
  7. Get more sleep.
  8. Get more exercise.
  9. Get Black Stalleone fixed.
  10. Find the Positive Me.
Above is numbered in the order in which I thought of them. I bet that means something.


Monday, November 1, 2010


I figure if I can laugh over daily mishaps and unexpected hiccups my trip will be enjoyable.

With the excitement a child on Christmas morning I started the day early by heading to the DMV to register my Black Stalleone. I proceeded to take him out for a joyride on my way to work. A weak battery cut my ride short, leaving me stranded in a turning lane (at least it was not the middle of the road). I pushed him across three lanes of route 360, over a curb, through grass, and finally onto the front entrance of a steakhouse I work at. The manager allowed me to leave him there to charge for the day. Thanks to my father, for coming to pick me up so I could get to work. I then took El Camino to the YMCA. At work everyone happened to be completely filled in on the events of my morning by a co-worker that had passed me by in her car. My boss gave me a little bit of stick about the journey as I asked for the evening off and told her the story of my morning. She allowed me the time off though. I rushed to Topekas. I attempted to start my bike. He would not budge. The time was 6:00pm. I decided to stay for a while and fill my completely empty stomach. Accidentally, I neglected to eat all day. Periodically I would go outside to try and get him to start. At 9:00pm I finally got some hope. Then a full start. Taking caution, I waited and continued to let him charge to ensure that we would make it home. We did.

All in all, I enjoyed today. From the day's experiences I truly learned one lesson: It might be best to prepare for cold weather.

Hasta luego,

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am not sure when it happened, but time is moving faster.

In two weeks I head west towards the Grand Canyon. As I am riding my 'Black Stalleone' (Suzuki GSX Katana 600 motorcycle) and leaving behind my beloved 87' El Camino, I decided to name the journey after my truck.

So far preparations are coming along well. I made some key decisions today:
  1. Cargo pants as opposed to jeans
  2. Itouch + USB drive as opposed to netbook.
  3. Nike Shox + Clarks Wallabees as opposed to boots + boat shoes
I suppose only time will tell how smart these decisions are, either way I will be content.

There are still plenty of tasks and decisions before I leave, they should not take me more than a week.

Next week, I plan on sleeping in my tent to get accustomed to the outdoors and set up/take down of my tent.

Finally,  I felt my first little tingle of worry as I calculated various finances. It seems I may be leaving here with $100-$300 total. I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but I will just keep saving and selling everything I own.

Wish me luck,