Monday, November 29, 2010

Second day job hunting

On my second day job hunting I traveled to the mall and surrounding shops. I got there around 9 and the shops opened at 10. Ready to charm employers and find a job I began my search, but it was fruitless. The walks from store to store became tiring as each place told me that they had just hired enough staff. I decided to leave it for today. The time was 2:00pm. Before I left I convinced myself to go and try to get a job at Ruby Tuesdays. Great idea. The manager greeted me after I had finished my application and we enjoyed a good chat about my trip and Arizona. He invited me to come back for an interview on Wednesday(he did not do this for the other applicants). At the current I feel pretty confident about this one and I hope I get the job. 

It really has been tough meeting people, but I think I found a way. I decided to head downtown to get some 25 cent wings, but was stopped on the way when I saw a field full of soccer games. I joined in with various juggling circles, but overall the students there were not as friendly or social as the soccer players in Virginia. However, I am determined to join in their games and make some friends. 

Afterwards I walked around campus...I realized then I have a bit of a problem. College kids. I have not quite worked out what it is about the majority of them that annoys me so. Regardless of what my problem with them is, if I want to make friends it will have to be with them. Also since I am living as their next door neighbor I better get used to having them around. Wish me luck in making friends.

Live is Life,

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