Friday, November 12, 2010

Road Bumps

Right now I'm riding on a road full of is not the most comfortable ride, but if you forget about the discomfort then its 'Rad'. My father, brother, and I rode bikes on some dirt paths behind the houses when I was little. When we got home there would be bruises and scrapes from various obstacles, but to say  the word 'Rad' throughout the ride made it something to look forward to every week.

My Black Stalleone has some problems with the carb and battery system. I took him to the only Suzuki dealer in town and he told me it would be a $600 minimum, probably more, to fix the carb plus the $75 he was already charging me to simply take a look at the carb and battery. Funny thing about the dealership, I took it in there and it was rideable, but the next day it was a leaking fire hazard...I didn't really think them to my best option, so he is now at a smaller shop down the road. Wish them and me luck. I need to get to Florida quickly.

My last day at the Midlothian YMCA was today. All I have to say is I learned well and had some great leaders and friends to teach me. Many opportunities were given to me and I didn't always choose the best options, but with those experiences personal growth has occurred. As though I am Link in Zelda: The Orcarina of Time, I passed trials, I overcame obstacles, I defeated the boss. Now I open the treasure chest and hold up the sacred wisdom and vital asset of TAKING PRIDE IN ONE'S JOB. Those who played Nintendo 64 in the late 90's will understand that analogy.

Finally, goodbye is hard. There is no easy way around it. There is no preparation. It is not something that should be dragged out. It is not something you can run away from. It will not get easier with time. When the time comes, I believe its better to just stand up and face it. Do not wait.

With Hope,

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