Sunday, December 19, 2010


Lowrider is a song by War and talk-boxed by Fingazz that makes you feel outrageously cool when riding in an El Camino on a summer day with the windows down. It is styled for Chicano's that drive in old cars with big rims, slick tires, hydraulics, loud and heavy audio equipment, and fresh paint. Chrome is also a biggie. You "don't drive too fast" because of your massive coolness. Even though my El Camino did not have much of that, I still identify with the song as a cherished memory. Other songs that go well are Chromeo's Tenderoni and Bonafied Lovin.

Lowrider talk-boxed by Fingazz is my song to represent 'making it big'.

No, unfortunately I have not made it big yet. However, rays of hope are shining though the cracks in my life. Financially, there is light at the end of a month long tunnel. Socially, taking baby steps...still. Physically, getting a lot of exercise. In sports and hobbies interests, much I would like to accomplish. 


Long drive in the El Camino.
Stay up all night playing Kingdom Hearts with a good friend.
The secret recipe for chocolate solami.
Maymont with a good friend.
To build a snowman with someone I have not seen in a while.
Fire in my fire pit with my good friends. Meat aplently, slingshots, and soda, just once having room in my stomach for smores.
Go to DC Zoo with a friend, riding in the El Camino.
Discussing plans to travel and bicycling along the coast with a good friend.
Random trip to beach at midnight.
Design Christmas cards for family.
Final Fantasy 8 with brother.

At Wal-mart I am riding the 40hr/wk Christmas rush at the moment. That and the rebirth of my Ebay business will pay my rent for January. I am still looking for a place I can do some learning on motorcycles in my spare time. Recently I have become obsessed with bobber motorcycles and really want to make my own. Fat 240 in the back, a matte black paint job, shiny black wheels, simple straight handlebar, short straight pipes, and I can deal with a 600cc or 750cc.

Enjoying 70 degree weather,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

College-town life...

Some positive news:
  • Hired at Walmart, doing sales/stocking in the electronics department
  • I am now pretty familiar with city and how streets work
  • I sleep/eat/exercise well.
  • I am learning much and my interests are growing
  • I have clear goals that I am working to achieve
Some negative news:
  • The job at Ruby Tuesdays did not work out but I did everything right
  • I miss many aspects of my home in Virginia and the people there, but I am grateful for the experiences of now and those are to come
  • The city does not satisfy, I want to be in or close to the open space of the country and a smaller town

Also, I am now settling down to a semi daily routine:

7:00 - Wake up and read motorcycle magazine
7:30 - Eat a 1/2 PB & J 
8:00 - Check email/watch tv
9:00 - Shower/shave/brush teeth and get dressed
10:00 - Job search/interview, whatever needs to be done OR bicycle ride around campus and city/downtown and parking garages
2:00pm - Cook chicken and eat with salad
3:00 - Nap
5:00 - Eat mozzarella sticks + 1/2 PB & J
6:30 - Go play soccer at field
8:30 - Eat mozzarella sticks + computer stuff
9:00 - Watch tv OR read magazine BUT usually fall asleep

Anyways, things are going well. I really have much that I want to achieve, so I began writing down a to do list. It will probably never get done, but its enjoyable to have. Money is getting tight, but I got it covered. 

Goodnight from a place with warm weather,

Friday, December 3, 2010


Walking around campus this tuesday I stopped by the big soccer field as I saw a single person playing soccer. At the moment I cannot afford to buy soccer shoes, so I played in jeans and a pair of levi boat shoes (comparable in style to sperry's top sider, but thinner with cheaper material). My playing partner and I struck up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers so we could meet again and play. Yesterday, thursday, we met again and he introduced me to his friend. We arrived around 5:30 and darkness loomed all around us. At around 6:15 the lights came on and like a swat operation you would see on tv, people came from every corner of the darkness around the now illuminated field to play soccer. These intense college students warmed up. They passed and juggled the balls. They put their gear on. They got ready to play. They stood around chatting and freezing for 20 odd minutes (the last two days have been cold here in Florida)! This annoyed me. So just like I was at the YMCA gathering all the kids up to play, I gathered up all these students to play. Divided teams and began. The game was played with people randomly joining and leaving. Partial confusion that worked out. It was good. As my old coach would say I played like bambi, slipping and sliding whenever I tried to change direction. I enjoyed myself.

Happy I was, on my walk home despite being dirty, cold, and bruised. I finally have found something that really will lift my spirits, even when I do not know they are down.  After playing this beautiful game, my outlook becomes more positive. Instead of building mental barriers and defensive shields against people that I perceive as annoying or not worth my time, I open a door and step out of my comfort zone. Soccer really has not done this much before. Possibly because there was pressure to win or get a scholarship.  I never much tried for either of those. Maybe it is just because this time, there is more of a friendship involved. 

Finally, I currently am  developing a strategy to get a job at a motorcycle dealership. My gut is telling me the answer will be no,  but I am really keen on this one. I will not take no as an answer. Even if its just volunteer I want to be around motorcycles or cars. I want to learn. Perhaps if I can find something to bring to their table they will accept my request.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Finding my feet,