Thursday, December 9, 2010

College-town life...

Some positive news:
  • Hired at Walmart, doing sales/stocking in the electronics department
  • I am now pretty familiar with city and how streets work
  • I sleep/eat/exercise well.
  • I am learning much and my interests are growing
  • I have clear goals that I am working to achieve
Some negative news:
  • The job at Ruby Tuesdays did not work out but I did everything right
  • I miss many aspects of my home in Virginia and the people there, but I am grateful for the experiences of now and those are to come
  • The city does not satisfy, I want to be in or close to the open space of the country and a smaller town

Also, I am now settling down to a semi daily routine:

7:00 - Wake up and read motorcycle magazine
7:30 - Eat a 1/2 PB & J 
8:00 - Check email/watch tv
9:00 - Shower/shave/brush teeth and get dressed
10:00 - Job search/interview, whatever needs to be done OR bicycle ride around campus and city/downtown and parking garages
2:00pm - Cook chicken and eat with salad
3:00 - Nap
5:00 - Eat mozzarella sticks + 1/2 PB & J
6:30 - Go play soccer at field
8:30 - Eat mozzarella sticks + computer stuff
9:00 - Watch tv OR read magazine BUT usually fall asleep

Anyways, things are going well. I really have much that I want to achieve, so I began writing down a to do list. It will probably never get done, but its enjoyable to have. Money is getting tight, but I got it covered. 

Goodnight from a place with warm weather,

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