Friday, November 26, 2010

To do...

  1. Get tools for oil change
  2. Do oil change
  3. Call local YMCA's about openings
  4. Go to local mall and apply for jobs
  5. Finish online applications for Old Navy, Kohls, Publix, CVS, and Lowes
  6. Go to Carrabas, Hilton, Outback, and Bonefish Grill and apply for jobs
Today I started to experience some trouble with Black Stalleone. He overheated today and stranded me at a Publix. I went and got a burger and then he was good to go, but rode rough the way home.

Also here is a blog from Thanksgiving. 11/25

So... I kinda like it here. The city-campus is huge and different then most others I have seen. Yesterday I checked out the sports pub for the Champions League matches. Placed at the top of nearly every wall were flat screen tvs, each playing a different match. Despite having so many different games playing at once, there was only one other person watching the games. We conversed for the remainder of the game, his team ended up losing. My team won though! Tottenham are currently topping through group and have made it to the knockout stage. I love Spurs.

It is a tad disheartening I do not have a job yet. While I have only been applying/searching for two days and I am doing good on money, my desire to earn money to achieve my goals is becoming massively irrepressible. 

On a positive note I received an email back today from the director of a local soccer program and he stated he is very interested to meet me and asked for a CV. I completed a detailed one in a half hour and sent him. Now just need to wait on response. That is exciting.

Working hard,

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