Monday, November 1, 2010


I figure if I can laugh over daily mishaps and unexpected hiccups my trip will be enjoyable.

With the excitement a child on Christmas morning I started the day early by heading to the DMV to register my Black Stalleone. I proceeded to take him out for a joyride on my way to work. A weak battery cut my ride short, leaving me stranded in a turning lane (at least it was not the middle of the road). I pushed him across three lanes of route 360, over a curb, through grass, and finally onto the front entrance of a steakhouse I work at. The manager allowed me to leave him there to charge for the day. Thanks to my father, for coming to pick me up so I could get to work. I then took El Camino to the YMCA. At work everyone happened to be completely filled in on the events of my morning by a co-worker that had passed me by in her car. My boss gave me a little bit of stick about the journey as I asked for the evening off and told her the story of my morning. She allowed me the time off though. I rushed to Topekas. I attempted to start my bike. He would not budge. The time was 6:00pm. I decided to stay for a while and fill my completely empty stomach. Accidentally, I neglected to eat all day. Periodically I would go outside to try and get him to start. At 9:00pm I finally got some hope. Then a full start. Taking caution, I waited and continued to let him charge to ensure that we would make it home. We did.

All in all, I enjoyed today. From the day's experiences I truly learned one lesson: It might be best to prepare for cold weather.

Hasta luego,