Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am not sure when it happened, but time is moving faster.

In two weeks I head west towards the Grand Canyon. As I am riding my 'Black Stalleone' (Suzuki GSX Katana 600 motorcycle) and leaving behind my beloved 87' El Camino, I decided to name the journey after my truck.

So far preparations are coming along well. I made some key decisions today:
  1. Cargo pants as opposed to jeans
  2. Itouch + USB drive as opposed to netbook.
  3. Nike Shox + Clarks Wallabees as opposed to boots + boat shoes
I suppose only time will tell how smart these decisions are, either way I will be content.

There are still plenty of tasks and decisions before I leave, they should not take me more than a week.

Next week, I plan on sleeping in my tent to get accustomed to the outdoors and set up/take down of my tent.

Finally,  I felt my first little tingle of worry as I calculated various finances. It seems I may be leaving here with $100-$300 total. I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but I will just keep saving and selling everything I own.

Wish me luck,

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