Thursday, March 3, 2011

First off, I really should be keeping up with this blog. Much has happened since I last blogged.  In chronological order:
  • Applied for summer residential camp to be a counselor/teacher.
  • Got the job at the summer camp!
  • Began seriously looking at bikes to buy.
  • Really started enjoying my time with a certain someone.
  • Slowly losing interest in current job, but still keeping up a positive appearance and attitude.
  • Found out I could get an online loan.
  • Got an online loan!
  • Bought a 2004 Buell XB12R
  • Joy rides for the past couple days.
  • Rode down to Miami Beach for kicks :)
  1. Summer job: I applied to a summer boys residential camp and got the job. After looking through many different jobs for the summer, I decided on one. Filled out the application, partially, and saved to do it later. Got an email from the coordinator saying to please finish, my application looks very promising. Finished. Received a phone interview followed by a reference check. Got the job! My excitement for this job and all the possibilities is torrential downpour, just doesn't stop. I am 100% confident I can do a good job there. 
  2. 2004 Buell XB12R: Bought for $3900. Clean. Tasteful mods all done well, mainly for cooling the bike down and increasing air flow. Not to mention security system and spare parts. Bike is fast and has enough power to keep me happy for a while. It rides smooth, shifts easily and has a great sound. I don't think I will ride anything but a Buell for a while.
My next post will cover the story of the Miami Beach Trip.

Enjoying Life,

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