Friday, March 11, 2011

Miami Trip

Day 1:
After finding a parking space, I began to set out on foot for a hotel within the price range of <$100. This was not an easy task for someone not knowing how Miami works. Basically there are some quality chain hotels such as Hilton and Marriot, these are mad expensive. Then along the road nearest to the beach there are outdoor restaurants which have taken over the sidewalk on the side heading inland. These restaurants are at the base of hotels, a fact I did not know my first few hours there. The hotels here range in price, from $99 (the cheapest I found) to $160 (most expensive I found). After asking around for a bit (couple hours) I located a hostel for $35. Luckily I was able to get a room. From the other travelers and staff I learned it is a hostel for international travelers. Henceforth I met people from Italy, Australia, France, and Holland. Meals were served at the hostel and it was during this time I learned that the travelers that would stay here would pretty much have a massive party the whole time they were here. Exclusive passes to clubs and concerts were passed out for free. While eating dinner, a girl about my age came and sat next to me on the steps. We talked for a bit and decided to meet up later and head to the beach. I headed off to find an indoor place to park my bike before meeting up with her. This task is not as simple as it sounds. Despite at least 4-5 parking garages in North Miami Beach there is only 2 that take motorcycles! I found that out the next day....anyways I met Julie back at the hostel just as dark came. I went into my room and met two of my roommates, a girl from Australia and a man from a Northern European country near Finland, unfortunately I have forgotten the name. He had a hangover and had been partying soo much that he really didn't know what day it was or when he was leaving, poor guy. Both of them had been traveling the US and seeing the big attractions in the states. We got on well together and they were very friendly and had much to talk about. Quite funny too. At night the hostel looks like a lounge/club. Couches and leather seating fixtures that were unassuming during the day were now illuminated by colored lights strobing from the ceiling. Beats pumped and thumped out over the pearl tile floor. The mirrors on the sides of the walls enhanced the mood, not to mention at least 50 well dressed young people relaxing with mixed drinks and ......laptops. Technologic. So Julie and I headed out to the beach. It was real soothing and quiet out here. Ah, one fact I should mention before I go on, the temperature was 70 degrees at the coldest part of the night. We talked at length about traveling, languages, and direct future plans. She also taught me how to climb a palm tree:). After the beach got a tad cold we walked into the city and explored downtown. Our adventure took us all the way to the other side of Miami Beach where we overlooked the bay and Miami. Well worth all the walking it surely was. Upon reaching the hostel, I planned to meet Julie the next day for volleyball at 3pm on the beach. Night.

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